2016 Scholarship Award Announcement


The Lisa Michelle Memorial Fund is pleased to announce the recipient of our 2016 scholarship. This scholarship fund was established to recognize and assist students who have lost a parent to substance abuse. This applicant’s story stood out among the rest and we are proud to award $1,000 to assist in her academic journey.

2016 Scholarship Recipient

Micole Fuller, Washington State University

“I think the essence of [this scholarship’s] foundation are something I have a lot of respect for and understanding of. While dealing with my father’s death, his mental illness, and especially his alcohol abuse for 20 years was an extremely hard part of my life, I do appreciate the opportunity that even this application has given me to reconcile with the past and honor the fact that—despite the hardships in his life—he was a good man who wanted nothing more than to be there for his children. Even if I’m not given the award, I have a lot of admiration for its purpose and am glad that a deserving student who has faced things I am all too familiar with will be given this academic opportunity.”